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Pissouri Beach

Listen up, beach lovers – if you are looking for a photogenic and beautiful beach – I’ve found a spot that’s as hidden and quiet as your secret stash of snacks!

It’s called Pissouri Beach‏, and let’s say – it’s got its quirks.

First off, the beach isn’t made of sand. Nope, those pesky large stones can seriously cramp your style if you don’t have a sunbed. And get this – the water? It gets deep pretty much right away. 

So sure, it might be peaceful but don’t expect to be too comfortable out there (you’ve been warned!).

But let’s focus on the positives – the pebble beach is wide and not crowded. And after about 2 meters in the sea? You’ll find dark sand at the bottom.

Unfortunately, that means it’s not precisely postcard-worthy. And with few waves, the water can tend to be a bit murky.

But here’s why you should still check out Pissouri Beach‏ – the view. Of course, the best visit is from the rocks to the west (just like in the pictures).

Trust me; this spot is one of the most stunning bays along the Cypriot coast. And it even “stars” on colorful postcards and brochures for tourists!

I won’t sugarcoat it – there’s no pleasant white sand here. And in terms of bathing conditions, there are more successful beaches in Paphos for doing that. 

But if you’re looking for a peaceful spot that offers some beautiful views (even if it’s not comfortable), Pissouri Beach‏ is worth checking out. Just don’t forget that sunbed!

Pissouri Beach
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