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Food & Drinks in Paphos

Paphos is one of the most beautiful and underrated Mediterranean places, boasting incredible food and drinks.

From classic Greek dishes to modern fusion cuisine worldwide, Paphos has something to please even the pickiest of eaters.

And when it comes to drinks, there are plenty of options from local wines to craft beers – and everything in between.

Remember that service charges are typically included in the bill, but a little extra (Tipping) for excellent service always goes a long way.

The Cypriot cuisine

You’re in for a treat with Cypriot cuisine! Influenced by Greek, Turkish, and Middle Eastern cuisine, it offers a mouth-watering variety of dishes for both meat lovers and vegetarians.

Start with a Meze meal featuring a vast range of primarily veggie-based choices, served in small saucers on the table.

You can opt for Meze only and still feel satiated.

Then move on to the main course, followed by indulgent desserts. Don’t forget to try some local wines, too; they’re delicious!

Cypriot Foods

Welcome to Cyprus, where the variety of restaurants is endless! With traditional taverns specializing in Greek or Turkish cuisine and global options such as Italian, French, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Middle Eastern, Russian, Japanese, and more, there’s something for everyone!

Be sure to also indulge in the island’s exquisite selection of drinks while enjoying some of the most sumptuous fish dishes.

Just note that the selection of fresh seafood is relatively limited.

You’re in for a treat regarding unique bites and vegetarian delights in Paphos! Check out local stalls and bakeries offering delicious bureks and sandwiches for a quick bite.

Although Paphos doesn’t have many vegetarian or vegan restaurants, there are numerous places with vegetarian options on the menu.

Try traditional mezes like hummus, tahini, and halloumi cheese, which are mouth-watering vegetarian dishes.

Plus, there’s a wide selection of salads and fresh fruit.

And hold on to your hat when craving a coffee break; there is plenty of chics and nice cafes with a range of alcoholic beverages that will also catch your eye.

You are in luck if you’re a family with kids visiting Paphos! Almost every restaurant and cafe warmly welcomes children, with only a small selection of fancy dining spots that impose age restrictions.

Plus, many eating places have high chairs and menus catered to the little ones.

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Cypriot Drinks

You’re in for a treat in Cyprus! Did you know our tap water is safe to drink, though many locals (like me) prefer bottled water for its taste?

But when it comes to wine, the Paphos district is the place to be!

With numerous Wineries & Vineyards offering tasting tours, wine enthusiasts can choose from a vast selection of delectable wines.

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So, whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a Cypriot dinner, you will find the best Food & Drinks in Paphos on this page.

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