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The Best Cypriot Drinks in Paphos

Do you like trying new drinks or sipping something refreshing while soaking in some sun?

If so, you must check out the fantastic selection of Cypriot drinks in Paphos!

This beautiful island provides travelers with an array of unique and delicious beverages unlike anything else.

This city has everything, whether you’re looking for something traditional or daringly different.

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Pack up your beach bag and sip away at your nearest pub or bar in Paphos —it’s time to explore the best Cypriot drinks in Paphos!

The Best Cypriot Drinks in Paphos

Cyprus Ouzo

You have to try Cyprus Ouzo! It’s an alcoholic beverage with the delicious taste of anise, produced by distilling grape juice.

This licorice-flavored drink is also found in Greece and is a popular aperitif. Make sure to add it to your list of must-try drinks while visiting Cyprus!


You’ve got to try Ayran, a cool and refreshing yogurt drink mixed with salt in Cyprus!

The recipe varies across regions, making it a unique and exciting experience.

While its salty taste may take some getting used to, it’s an acquired taste you won’t regret trying!


You’ll want to try the fiery Zivania when you come to Cyprus!

It’s a high-alcohol drink called “Cypriot whiskey,” produced by distilling crushed grapes and their remains.

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Commandaria is a delicious delicacy in Cyprus – a dessert wine that’s a must-try!

The wine is made using sun-dried grapes grown at the foot of the alluring Limassol mountains, which makes it all the more enticing.

Any guide about the popular drinks of Cyprus would be incomplete without the mention of this legendary brew.

Cypriot Brandy Sour

You don’t want to miss Cypriot Brandy Sour when you visit Cyprus!

It’s known as the unofficial national cocktail of this fantastic island, made by blending Cypriot brandy, lemon, bitters, and soda water.

The perfect drink to sip on while you take in the sights and experience the true heart of Cyprus!


You can’t miss out on KEO when you visit Cyprus! This legendary local Cypriot lager beer with 4.5% alcohol can be found anywhere on the island.

It’s a must-try when exploring the charming Cyprus drink scene.


You don’t want to miss trying Triantafyllo while you’re in Cyprus! It’s a concentrated dark-pink syrup made from rose extract perfectly mixed with either water or milk.

This sweet, refreshing drink is a must-try, especially during hot summer days!


Do you know about a fascinating by-product of Cyprus’s petal distillation process called Rodostagma?

It’s utilized in cosmetics and spices for food, and you should try it and see how that makes your drink spectacular!

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You’ll love this! Anthonero, a by-product of the distillation process of citrus flower buds, is a traditional extract derived from orange blossom blossoms. With its strong citrus aroma and slightly sweet flavor, this spice is a must-try when exploring beverages in Cyprus!


Oh, you have to try Limonata! This refreshing soft drink is a delicious blend of citrus fruits like oranges, mandarins, and lemons, with some regions even keeping it in cool rooms for up to a year to enhance the flavor. This smooth and sweet beverage is mixed with water occasionally and served ice-cold. Make sure to add it to your list of must-have drinks when you come to Cyprus!


If you’re thirsting for a taste of Cypriot culture, try Raki – lovingly dubbed ‘Lion’s milk.’ Sip and savor as the apparent liquor changes color when mixed with water, and share a traditional Cypriot ‘meze’ plate with friends.

Toast to friendship and joy by clinking your glasses together, following good etiquette.

A celebration in Cyprus wouldn’t be complete without Raki, so make sure to add it to your must-try drink list.

In conclusion

It is safe to say that Cyprus offers an exciting selection of drinks.

From traditional spirits to modern aperitifs, there are plenty of flavors to explore and enjoy in this Mediterranean paradise!

Any visit to Paphos would be incomplete without sampling these unique beverages.

For more information about the dishes, please read my guide about the Cypriot dishes.

So make sure you try some during your stay!

Cheers! or in Greek – “Yamas!”.

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