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Yiannakis Beach

Alright, beach bums, let me show you a hidden gem that’s as cool as a cucumber on a hot summer day: It’s called Yiannakis Beach, and let us tell you – it’s gorgeous.

You’ll find clean water begging to be snorkeled in, plus some excellent beach services to take your relaxation game to the next level.

And get this – the view is spectacular. It’s like something out of a postcard, folks.

But wait, there’s more – there’s also a great restaurant on the beach that’ll make your taste buds sing.

And let’s not forget that this spot is THE place for locals. Sure, it’s a bit far from the center of Polis, but trust me – the extra five-minute drive is worth it.

And here’s the best part – this beach is a little slice of heaven that’s not overrun with tourists. 

You can finally breathe in a more authentic and less touristy environment. 

The beach isn’t intense, but it’s long and made of coarse sand. And the water? Fresh and crystalline, baby.

Plus, the beach is surrounded by reds in the water, making it especially suitable for snorkeling and Jet Ski

So grab your gear and get ready to see some seriously excellent fish up close and personal.

Now, let’s talk about that restaurant – it has a fantastic pergola overlooking the beach and serves some delicious food. 

And the prices? Average, baby.

So whether you’re looking for a peaceful escape or just a great spot to catch some rays and grub, Yiannakis Beach is the spot for you!

Yiannakis Beach
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