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Wave Dancer Fireworks, Dinner & Show Cruise

Step aboard the Wave Dancer I and prepare for the ultimate summer extravaganza! For 15 glorious years, the Fireworks cruise has been igniting the Paphos skies and captivating audiences – from small kids to adults.

Brace yourself for a night of unforgettable memories!

As you step onto the deck, our enthusiastic crew and charming servers will welcome you. They’ll guide you to your designated tables, where the magic is about to unfold. With the gentle sway of the waves, we set sail, and our musicians take center stage, serenading you with melodies that will make your heart sing.

Let the breathtaking Mediterranean views provide the backdrop to your relaxation.

But hold on tight because the excitement doesn’t stop there! We drop anchor in front of Rikko’s Bay, just a stone’s throw away from the harbor, where a sumptuous buffet dinner awaits.

Indulge in a feast of delectable delights prepared with love and care.

And don’t forget to save room for our mouthwatering seasonal fruits and desserts that will tantalize your taste buds.

As the night unfolds, get ready to be dazzled by our exclusive musical dancing show and aerial performances that will leave you in awe.

And then, as if by magic, the night sky transforms into a breathtaking canvas of vibrant colors as our spectacular fireworks display illuminates the darkness.

Be warned, though; this is the hottest ticket in town! The Wave Dancer Fireworks, Buffet Dinner & Show Cruise is Cyprus’ most sought-after event, and it sells out faster than you can say “fireworks.”

So, don’t wait another moment. Secure your spot for an extraordinary evening on board, where memories are made, and dreams come alive. Get ready to embark on a nightlife adventure you’ll cherish forever!

Wave Dancer Fireworks, Dinner & Show Cruise

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