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Archaeological Museum of Marion-Arsinoe

Alright, history buffs, we’ve got a real treat for you – the Archaeological Museum of Marion-Arsinoe.

Located in Polis Chrysochous, this place is basically like a time machine back to the ancient city-kingdom of Marion-Arsinoe.

So what’s inside? An exciting collection of antiquities has been discovered in the region. Think of objects that date back from the Neolithic to Medieval times. So yeah, it’s like a journey through history all in one place.

But that’s not all – the museum has two rooms and an atrium. In the first room, you’ll see objects in chronological order that trace the area’s historical development.

And in the second room? An essential collection of objects from the area’s rich cemetery was brought to light.

Now let’s talk about Marion itself. This place was a big deal back then – an important commercial center in the Classical and Hellenistic periods with close ties to Athens.

And during the Hellenistic-Roman period, Marion was renamed Arsinoe and is now the small town of Polis Chrysochous (or just ‘Polis’ for short).

So come on down to the Archaeological Museum of Marion-Arsinoe and get your history fix!

Archaeological Museum of Marion-Arsinoe
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