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Local Ethnographic Museum of Geroskipou

Welcome to the Local Ethnographic Museum of Geroskipou, a must-visit attraction in Paphos! 

Housed in the traditional ‘House of Hadjismith’ from the 18th century in Geroskipou, the museum boasts a vast and varied collection of exhibits, showcasing the daily life, crafts, and different expressions of Cypriot folk art during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

From pottery to scarf making, rug weaving to rope making, and even silk manufacturing, get ready to dive into Cyprus’ rich rural legacy. 

Don’t let its small size fool you; this museum packs a punch with its history and culture. 

As a local guide, I can tell you that the short duration of the visit makes it even more charming to discover this hidden gem.

The informational signs in Greek and English are a tremendous help and will not go unnoticed! 

This historic house showcases the best local crafts with fantastic displays that magically transport you back in time. 

I’m pleased that the exhibits go beyond the usual glass cases.

The actual rooms and items from the everyday life of our ancestors are bound to captivate your attention, from the original fireplaces to the tools and much more.

You can find the museum quickly by taking the bus from the Harbour or Old Town Bus Stations, making it even more convenient! 

So come and experience life in the olden days for yourself!

Local Ethnographic Museum of Geroskipou
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