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Caledonia Waterfalls Day Tour from Paphos

Alright, nature lovers, we’ve got a tour that’ll have you like a true explorer: We’re talking about the Caledonia Waterfalls Walking Tour with Lunch.

And let us tell you, it’s the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Paphos. Get ready to dive into the lush, calm Troodos Mountains. It’s like stepping into a tale.

First up, we’ll journey into the hills to the village of Platres. And there, we’ll walk a 3km hike to the beautiful Caledonia Falls. Talk about a picturesque trail!

And don’t worry about getting lost – we’ve got a guide to lead the way.

But wait, there’s more. After our hike, we’ll refuel with a traditional tasty Cypriot lunch at the great Psilo Dendro restaurant. It’s like we’re dining in a secret garden!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s escape to the forest, discover the beauty of the Troodos Mountains, and indulge in some seriously delicious food.

Caledonia Waterfalls Day Tour from Paphos

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