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Day Tour to Kourion, Limassol & Lefkara

Embark on a day tour like a delightful symphony for your senses!

We’ll whisk you away from Paphos to uncover the hidden gems of Cyprus, where tradition meets modernity most deliciously.

Dive headfirst into the heart of authenticity as you explore charming villages and savor the finest local treasures – think sweets that’ll make your sweet tooth dance and smoked meats that’ll have your taste buds singing!

Our journey takes us to the artist’s haven, Laneia, the gastronomic paradise of Agros, and the majestic Troodos Mountains, with surprises at every turn.

But that’s not all, folks! Here are some of the tour’s top-notch highlights:

✧ Time travel to antiquity at the Kourion Ancient City.

✧ Mythical marvels await at the Birthplace of Aphrodite.

✧ Get a taste of tradition with a glimpse into Lefkara’s mesmerizing Lefkaritiko Lace and Silver craftsmanship.

✧ Dive into modern vibes in the vibrant city of Limassol.

Don’t let your stomach grumble while you’re soaking in all this beauty!

We’ve got your back with a well-deserved lunch break.

Choose to recharge by the serene Molos promenade or dive into history at the Old Town of Limassol.

The choice is yours, but the adventure is guaranteed!

Ready to indulge in the flavors and tales of Cyprus?

Book the tour now, and let the Cypriot adventure begin! 🌟🍴🌄

Day Tour to Kourion, Limassol & Lefkara

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