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Jeep Safari to Akamas & Avakas Gorge Tour

Embark on a thrilling escapade into the natural wonders of Cyprus with this Jeep tour that’ll make your adventurous spirit purr with excitement.

Prepare to traverse the rugged landscapes as you hike through the Avakas Gorge, a haven teeming with lush foliage, sneaky lizards, and feathery avian creatures putting on a show.

But the excitement doesn’t end there! 

Hold tight as we venture to the Lara Bay Turtle Conservation Station, where the tiniest, most adorable turtles receive a little VIP treatment during their grand hatching spectacle.

After working up an appetite, we’ll make a pit stop in Latchi for a delicious lunch to fuel our daredevil spirits.

And that’s not all! Prepare to be dazzled by the enchanting Baths of Aphrodite cave, pay homage to the legendary Edro Shipwreck, and savor the nectar of the gods at a local winery, where tantalizing tipples await your discerning taste buds.

It’s a wild ride that combines nature’s treasures with a splash of indulgence—a recipe for an unforgettable day in Cyprus!

Jeep Safari to Akamas & Avakas Gorge Tour

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