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Bear in the Air

Prepare to be delighted and puzzled by the whimsical phenomenon known as “The Bear in the Air” in Paphos:

This is a popular “attraction” in Paphos among the locals: a teddy bear in a window display with a small sign that says, “I am an artwork – Do not touch.”

This peculiar “art installation” captures the imagination of passersby. Imagine strolling through the charming streets of Old Town, only to stumble upon a window display featuring a teddy bear with a mischievous twinkle in its eyes.

Adorned with a small sign solemnly declaring, “I am an artwork – Do not touch,” it beckons curious onlookers to ponder its meaning.

Was it a stroke of artistic genius or a happy accident that transformed a cluttered storeroom into a captivating exhibit? Whatever the truth, the Bear in the Air awaits the intrepid explorers of Paphos and smiles at you.

I find this funny as a local and a person with black humor. 

I didn’t know what to do: to write about it on this website or not? Because the locals here like it, because this thing is not street art and it will not interest the tourists (Let’s be honest – I’m sure you saw this page and asked yourself, “What the **** is that?”)

On the other side, I want to write everything about my beloved city, and I got a category for unusual and unique attractions in Paphos anyway – so why not?

You can even find it on Google Maps!

Credit and many thanks to Paphos life for the picture.

The Bear in the Air
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