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Agios Georgios Beach & Harbour

Let me tell you about a hidden gem in Paphos – Agios Georgios Beach in Agios Georgios village!

Trust me; this place is worth a visit – and not many tourists know about it. You won’t even find information about this beach on Trip Advisor!

With a 100-meter stretch of soft yellow sand surrounded by cliffs and a bright blue sea, it’s no wonder it’s a popular spot for lovers and sunset wanderers.

Also, the calm sea means even families with small children can enjoy it too!

Imagine crystal-clear waters stretching out to the horizon, a small village enveloped in greenery, and a relaxing atmosphere that will make you forget about your everyday struggles.

This slice of paradise boasts high cliffs bordering the sandy beach, and with both south and north sides, there are hidden coves that Mother Nature herself couldn’t resist creating.

With perfect views for unforgettable photo shoots, you won’t want to forget your camera!

And if you want more, there’s a lil’ old ruins site near Agios Georgios, the Archaeological Site of Agios Georgios at Pegeia, with the remains of a legit 6th-century basilica!

Don’t just take my word for it; experience it for yourself!

Agios Georgios Harbour

Hey there, beach bums and foodies, we’ve got a spot that’ll have you feeling like you’re in paradise – with a twist.

We’re talking about the charming little cove of Agios Georgios Harbour with its small boat dock, looking out over the wild landscapes of the Akamas Peninsula. And let us tell you, it’s like discovering a hidden gem!

And get this – on the hill overlooking the bay, a tavern called “Agios Georgios Pegeia” with a magnificent view. It’s like we’re in a fairytale with the most enchanting setting!

Agios Georgios Beach
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Absolutely! Agios Georgios is located at the entrance of the stunning Akamas Peninsula, so it’s not hard to reach this beautiful village:

It’s just a short drive from the beautiful Coral Bay. But although Coral Bay is very touristic and famous, many miss Agios Georgios.

Many locals will be mad at me that I’m telling you about this place- But I couldn’t keep it for myself! So it’s a place you have to go and check for yourself.

Whether enjoying the gorgeous views or strolling along the coastline, Agios Georgios has plenty to offer.

You can even find private sections of the beach with crystal clear blue water, hidden gems, caves, and fabulous restaurants!


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