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Akamas Peninsula

Welcome to Akamas Peninsula, a cape at the northwest edge of Cyprus that takes your breath away.

This thickly wooded headland, divided by summits that rise towards the north, covers 230 square kilometers.

Fun fact: It’s named after Akamas, a Trojan War hero who founded Soli’s city kingdom and son of Theseus (you’ve probably heard of him).

And here’s a local’s perspective: it’s a must-visit destination!

At the Peninsula’s southern tip lies the charming town of Pegeia, with the ever-amazing Polis resting on its northeast side. 

Unfortunately, owing to the rugged terrain, no roads exist in the heartlands of the Akamas, and a few roads shown on maps are still unpaved.

Nevertheless, there is much to see here, from the beautiful Avakas Gorge and Loggerhead turtle sanctuary to the oh-so-beautiful Baths of Aphrodite, believed to be the goddess’s favorite spot for a dip.

And let’s not forget the Blue Lagoon, where you can jump into crystal-clear water that will make you think you’re in the Maldives!

Trust me; you don’t want to miss this incredible experience!

A Brief Introduction to Nature’s Masterpiece

The Akamas Peninsula is not just any ordinary slice of land at the northwestern tip of Cyprus. 

With an expanse covering around 230 square kilometers, this region is a testament to nature’s artistry. It is named after Akamas, a bona fide hero of the Trojan War with a knack for city-kingdom founding. 

If Ptolemy thought it was a “thickly wooded headland,” imagine what you’d call it today!

A Historical Playground Turned Nature’s Sanctuary

Flashback to before the millennium: the Akamas Peninsula was the British forces’ favorite spot for some military R&R (read: exercises and firing ranges). 

Fast forward, and this rugged terrain has swapped artillery for tranquility, becoming a haven for turtles instead of tanks.

Where Roads Dare Not Tread

Imagine a place where Google Maps gently suggests, “You’re on your own, buddy.” That’s Akamas for you. 

With its heartland untouched by tarmac and certain “roads” being mere suggestions, the real stars are the loggerhead turtles at Lara Bay and the legendary Baths of Aphrodite. 

Yes, bathing where a goddess once did is on the itinerary.

A Biodiversity Bonanza

It’s not just the turtles and myths that get to have all the fun. 

The European Environment Agency put Akamas on the map as one of Europe’s unique biodiversity hotspots. 

With flora and fauna that scream “exclusive,” this place is the VIP lounge of nature.

The Conservation Conundrum

As Cyprus eyed EU membership, the Akamas Peninsula was dressed up for a green future, with protected statuses and nature-loving accolades. 

Yet, the road to complete protection is as rocky as Akamas’s landscapes, with development desires clashing with conservation needs. 

Enter the eco-warriors, from the Green Party to Greenpeace, all championing Akamas’s cause.

A Flora and Fauna Festival

With 39 of Cyprus’s 128 endemic plant species calling it home, Akamas is a botanical bash. 

It’s a plant party from the striking turban buttercups to the exclusive Alyssum akamasicum. 

And let’s not forget the guest list featuring fruit bats, shrews, and those VIP sea turtles.

When Myth Meets Land

If Sir David Attenborough’s camera lenses graced Akamas and a film festival contender was shot here, you know it’s not just another location. 

It’s where mythology books met their match, with landscapes so dramatic they could only belong to the gods of lore.

Navigating the Gorges

For the adrenaline junkies and serenity seekers alike, the gorges of Akamas offer nature’s version of a theme park ride. 

From the Androlykou to the Avakas, Mother Nature used all her sculpting tools, leaving behind sights to explore.

Beyond the Sun, Sea, and Sand

Tourism in Akamas isn’t about ticking the usual boxes. It’s for those who seek to unravel the tapestry of culture, biodiversity, and perhaps a round of golf or a trek through the wild. 

It’s Cyprus’s answer to the call of the wild, wrapped in the warmth of the Mediterranean.

So, dear traveler, if your soul yearns for stories woven by nature, culture, and history, Akamas awaits. 

Let the Peninsula’s untamed beauty, rich biodiversity, and ancient myths guide you to an adventure that’s anything but ordinary. 

Dare to explore beyond the beaten path? Akamas is calling.

Dive Into the Heart of Akamas!

Don’t just read about the Akamas Peninsula and its enchanting Blue Lagoon—experience it firsthand!

Our exclusive tour offers a unique blend of adventure, history, and untouched natural beauty.

Embark on a journey to explore land and sea, where myths come alive and the biodiversity astounds.

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Ready for Adventure?

Your opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of Akamas and float in the bliss of the Blue Lagoon is just a click away.

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Akamas Peninsula

Akamas Peninsula at a Glance

LocationNorthwest extremity of Cyprus, spanning 230 square kilometers
Historical UseFormer British military training area until 2000
AccessibilityMountainous terrain with limited road access promotes a rich biodiversity
Flora and FaunaHome to 39 of Cyprus’s 128 endemic plant species and various vulnerable animal species, including sea turtles at Lara Bay
Conservation StatusPart of the Natura 2000 network, with ongoing efforts for enhanced protection against tourist development and infrastructure projects
Visitor AttractionsLoggerhead turtle sanctuary, Baths of Aphrodite, unique gorges, and biodiverse trails
Cultural SignificanceThe mythological site where Aphrodite met Adonis; featured by Sir David Attenborough and in the film Akamas (2006)

Ready to explore the stunning Akamas Peninsula of Paphos? If you’re looking for a unique way to roam the reserve in style and comfort, I recommend going with a Tour – a complete experience with a knowledgeable and friendly guide who knows the area inside out. 

Sure, you could rent a beach buggy, but do you want to put yourself at risk on those dangerous roads? Not to mention the exposure to the harsh sun, dust, and wind.

Don’t take chances in a remote area where help might be hard to come by.

Instead, relax in a comfy Jeep while exploring the area’s secret spots and hidden gems.

You’re going to love it! Akamas Peninsula is a beautiful promontory and cape located at the northwest edge of Cyprus.

You can quickly get from Paphos to Akamas Peninsula by hopping on the line 645 bus.

It’s the most affordable option, only costing around 5 euros and taking 1 hour and 26 minutes.

It sounds like an adventure waiting to happen!


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