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Akamas Peninsula

Welcome to Akamas Peninsula, a cape at the northwest edge of Cyprus that takes your breath away.

This thickly wooded headland, divided by summits that rise towards the north, covers 230 square kilometers.

Fun fact: It’s named after Akamas, a Trojan War hero who founded Soli’s city kingdom and son of Theseus (you’ve probably heard of him).

And here’s a local’s perspective: it’s a must-visit destination!

At the Peninsula’s southern tip lies the charming town of Pegeia, with the ever-amazing Polis resting on its northeast side. Unfortunately, no roads exist in the heartlands of the Akamas owing to its rugged terrain, and a few roads shown on maps are still unpaved.

Nevertheless, there is much to see here, from the beautiful Avakas Gorge and Loggerhead turtle sanctuary to the oh-so-beautiful Baths of Aphrodite, believed to be the goddess’s favorite spot for a dip.

Trust me; you don’t want to miss this incredible experience!

Akamas Peninsula

Ready to explore the stunning Akamas Peninsula of Paphos? If you’re looking for a unique way to roam the reserve in style and comfort, I recommend going with a Tour – a complete experience with a knowledgeable and friendly guide who knows the area inside out. 

Sure, you could rent a beach buggy, but do you want to put yourself at risk on those dangerous roads? Not to mention the exposure to the harsh sun, dust, and wind.

Don’t take chances in a remote area where help might be hard to come by.

Instead, relax in a comfy Jeep while exploring the area’s secret spots and hidden gems.

You’re going to love it! Akamas Peninsula is a beautiful promontory and cape located at the northwest edge of Cyprus.

You can quickly get from Paphos to Akamas Peninsula by hopping on the line 645 bus.

It’s the most affordable option, only costing around 5 euros and taking 1 hour and 26 minutes.

It sounds like an adventure waiting to happen!


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