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Adonis Nature Trail

Gear up for an adventure on the Adonis Nature Trail, where breathtaking views of Polis Chrysochous, the Pafos Forest, and the Akamas peninsula await.

As you tread this path of wonders, you’ll encounter the majestic Pyrgos tis Rigainas (Queen’s Tower), a relic that adds a touch of medieval charm.

Feel the connection as the trail intertwines with the Smigies trail, offering a refreshing fountain of non-potable water at Kefalovrysia. 

Don’t forget to meet up with the Aphrodite trail at Pyrgos tis Rigainas, where history and nature dance together.

Look for the remarkable 500-year-old oak tree standing proudly near the tower’s ruins.

To complete the circle of exploration, the trail guides you along the main road that links the mythical Loutra tis Afroditis (Baths of Aphrodite) to Polis for a brief 400-meter stretch.

And before you embark on your journey, don’t miss the chance to delve into the enchanting Botanical Gardens of Akamas at the starting point of this wild adventure.

As you wander, immerse yourself in the fascinating flora surrounding you.

These endemic plants will capture your attention, from the exquisite Cyprus Bosea to the tenacious Cyprus sage. 

Keep an ear out for the melodies of the vibrant birdlife, including the elusive Cyprus warbler and the charismatic Cyprus wheatear.

And remember, the Akamas forest is a welcoming haven for migratory birds needing a little rest and rejuvenation. 

Of course, keep an eye on the ground, as the Cyprus viper, Cyprus lizard, and the mischievous Black whip Snake occasionally slither across the trail, adding a touch of reptilian excitement to your journey.

So, lace up your boots, grab your sense of adventure, and get ready to uncover the wonders of the Adonis Nature Trail.

Let nature be your guide, and let your spirit soar amidst the beauty of Akamas!

Adonis Nature Trail
Trail LengthDurationElevation GainDifficulty
7.5 km3-4 hours319 mHard
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The starting point is the Baths of Aphrodite – the same as the Aphrodite Nature Trail.

The Adonis Nature Trail offers a plethora of highlights to enhance your hiking experience. Some of the notable highlights include:

  1. Breathtaking Views: Enjoy stunning vistas of Polis Chrysochous, the Pafos Forest, and the scenic Akamas peninsula. Let the beauty of the surroundings captivate your senses.

  2. Queen’s Tower: Pass by the intriguing ruins of Pyrgos tis Rigainas, also known as Queen’s Tower. These remnants are believed to belong to a medieval monastery, adding a touch of history to your journey.

  3. Ancient Oak Tree: Encounter a majestic 500-year-old oak tree nestled near the tower ruins. Marvel at its grandeur and the sense of time it embodies.

  4. Trail Connections: The Adonis Trail conveniently connects with other trails, such as the Smigies trail at Kefalovrysia, where you can find a fountain of non-potable water. Additionally, it intersects with the Afroditi trail at Pyrgos tis Rigainas, providing further exploration opportunities.

  5. Scenic Road: As you complete the trail, the route follows the main road connecting the Baths of Aphrodite (Loutra tis Afroditis) with Polis for a short distance. Enjoy a leisurely walk and take in the charming surroundings.

These highlights ensure a delightful and engaging hiking experience on the Adonis Nature Trail, offering a blend of natural beauty, historical remnants, and connections to other trails. Lace up your hiking boots and embark on an unforgettable adventure!


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