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Paphos Forest

Hey, nature lovers – we’ve got a spot as wild and free as a bird in flight: It’s called the Paphos Forest, a state forest located in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus with 70,000 hectares.

But wait, it gets even better – this place has been a Permanent Game Preserve since 1938. So you know they’re serious about protecting all the flora and fauna that call this place home.

And speaking of flora and fauna, the Paphos forest is a Mediterranean-type forest that boasts coniferous trees like Brutia pine and Cyprus cedar and broadleaf trees like Golden oak and Platanus orientalis.

And get this – it’s home to some seriously cool animals, including the elusive Cyprus mouflon, Red fox, and Cyprus mouse.

But wait, there’s more – the forest is also home to eight species of snakes and many lizard and frog species. So whether you’re into furry critters or cold-blooded reptiles, the Paphos Forest has something for everyone.

In this natural wonderland, you’ll find many walking paths to explore. Plus, there are plenty of places for picnics so that you can fuel up before your next adventure. But wait, it gets even better – ancient and essential buildings are scattered throughout the forest, including the Kykkos Monastery, old churches and chapels, Venetian bridges such as Kelefos Bridge, and old forest stations.

And get this – all these historic sites attract nature and animal lovers, bird lovers, and anyone who appreciates a good hike outdoors.

So whether you’re looking to spot some wildlife or take in the beauty of the forest, this is the spot for you.

So pack up your hiking boots and binoculars, book a tour from Paphos to the forest, and head to this natural wonderland. Trust us, and you won’t be disappointed!

Paphos Forest

Yes, Cyprus has forests. Specifically, the island is part of the Cyprus Mediterranean forests ecoregion, which covers the island. The region features Mediterranean forests, woodlands, and scrub as part of the Mediterranean biome found in the area around and within the Mediterranean Sea.

The Paphos Forest is Cyprus’s most significant and extensive forest complex, situated in the northwest part of the Troodos mountain range.


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