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The Sacred Gardens of Aphrodite in Geroskipou

Step right into the charming town of Geroskipou, or as we call it, the “Sacred Garden” of Aphrodite, located just a mere 3 kilometers east of Pafos town. 

Legend has it that this place was once an enchanting garden fit for the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite herself.

You won’t miss it; it’s tucked away right behind the town’s main square, marked by a sign that kindly provides information in both Greek and English, just in case you’re more of a linguistically adventurous traveler.

Now, Geroskipou isn’t just your run-of-the-mill historical spot; it’s got a past that stretches back to antiquity.

But what makes it stand out in the history books is its close connection to Aphrodite

Yes, folks, this is where you’d find the Sacred Gardens of the goddess of love and beauty. According to our trusty ancient geographer Strabo, the faithful used to parade through these gardens, concluding their procession at the Sanctuary of Aphrodite in Palaipafos, all in the name of celebrating the “Afrodisia,” an annual festival honoring the divine lady herself.

Back then, the gardens had a little something called Kato Vrysi, which probably played a role in Aphrodite’s fan club activities. It likely served as the primary water source for this Garden of Eden 2.0.

Ancient texts, globe-trotting adventurers, and history buffs tell us that the Sacred Gardens of Aphrodite stretched south of Geroskipou, covering a vast expanse from a rocky hill to the shimmering sea. But here’s the twist:

Today, that breathtaking garden has given way to a modern village specializing in whipping up mouthwatering “Cyprus delights.” Think of it as a gastronomic evolution – from gardens to goodies.

But fear not, dear traveler, for Geroskipou still boasts a star attraction: the Agia Paraskevi Church, a Byzantine beauty standing the test of time.

What sets it apart, you ask?

Well, it’s got a three-aisled interior and a five-domed exterior – talk about architectural flair!

And right next door, you’ll stumble upon a family-owned shop, masters in crafting and selling their “Cyprus delights.” 

But wait, there’s more – they’re also purveyors of local honey and olive oil, just in case you wanted to take a bit of Geroskipou home with you.

The Sacred Gardens of Aphrodite in Geroskipou
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