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Sanctuary of Aphrodite at Palaipafos

Welcome to the fascinating Sanctuary of Aphrodite (Archaeological Site of Palaepaphos) in Paphos, where the Ancient Greek Goddess’ presence is still felt.

This archaeological wonderland is situated in Kouklia Village, and trust me, a treat awaits you here!

It’s one of Cyprus’s most critical city-kingdoms and was the first Cypriot site to make it onto the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1980.

But the real jewel at the Sanctuary of Aphrodite, part of the famous Aphrodite Cultural Route, is worth the trip alone.

Locals love this spot and the Temple of Aphrodite because of its rich history from the 12th century BC!

Even more impressive, it remained a place of worship until the 3rd to 4th centuries AD.

We’re not talking about just any archaeological site; this is one of the most critical sites in Cyprus.

Be sure to check out the unbelievable displays in the museum while you’re at it.

This spot is a local favorite and is highly recommended by insiders who stop there on their way to Aphrodite’s Rock.

Don’t miss out; go ahead and explore it for yourself!

Sanctuary of Aphrodite at Palaipafos
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You’ll find the sanctuary of Aphrodite in the beautiful Kouklia village, nestled in the stunning Paphos District of Cyprus.

The archaeological site of the Sanctuary of Aphrodite is located in the beautiful Kouklia village of the Paphos District in Cyprus. Although it’s not in Paphos city, Trust me, it’s a must-visit!



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