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Asprokremmos beach

Listen up, beach bums – we’ve got a secret spot for you. It’s called Asprokremmos Beach, and trust us; you will want to check it out.

Located midway between Latchi and the Baths of Aphrodite, this place is like the Goldilocks of beaches – not too crowded, not too dull, just right.

And get this – there’s a ton of fun stuff to do here. Soak up the sun? Check. Snorkeling? Yup. Playing beach games? Absolutely. Building sandcastles? Why not? Swimming in the cooling blue waters? Absolutely.

But here’s the kicker – Asprokremmos Beach is a tranquil oasis. 

Yeah, it’s not as busy as other mainstream beaches in the Paphos district, so you can relax without being bombarded by tourists. 

Plus, it’s an excellent spot for a romantic retreat or enjoyable picnic, especially if you visit outside the peak tourist season.

Now let’s talk logistics – don’t try driving down the path unless you’ve got a 4×4. Trust us; it’s not worth it. 

So instead, park at the top of the main road and walk down. 

Once there, you’ll find a lovely, quiet beach with crystal-clear water and good snorkeling. And if you need shade, no worries – there are sun beds and umbrellas for hire for €2.50 each.

Oh, and did we mention the beach bar? 

Yeah, there’s a good one with great views over the beach and various options on the menu. 

You can even grab drinks and ice creams to take to the beach.

So come to Asprokremmos Beach and experience the perfect balance of fun and relaxation. It’s a little hard to find, but trust us – it’s worth the journey.

Asprokremmos beach
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