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The Handkerchief Tree

Listen up, folks – we’ve stumbled upon a tree as ancient as your grandma’s secret recipe. It’s called the Handkerchief Tree (or Wishing Tree, if you’re feeling fancy), and it’s been around since the 12th century.

You can find it near Agia Solomoni Catacomb; anything that’s been standing tall for that long has got to be legit.

But wait, it gets even better – legend has it that tying a rag to the tree after visiting its chapel can cure all sorts of ailments.

We’re discussing everything from the common cold to even more severe diseases. And if that wasn’t enough, visitors to the tree believe that tying a piece of cloth to its branches will help their prayers get answered faster than you can say “hocus pocus.”

And even if you forgot to bring your trusty hanky (we won’t judge), don’t worry – there’s a handy-dandy kiosk nearby to purchase one.

So whether you’re looking for healing or hoping to have your wishes granted, the Handkerchief Tree is the spot for you.

You can read more about this tree here.

What is the wishing tree in Cyprus
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