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Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark

The Aphrodite Water Park is an irreplaceable gem of Geroskipou in Paphos-

If you’re looking to cool off and have a good time in Paphos, Cyprus, then the Aphrodite Water Park is the place to be!

This park is not just your average water park; it’s a family-friendly destination that caters to all ages, especially the little ones, but also to us, the adults.

This park offers many entertaining facilities, from the tiniest tots to grandpas and grandmas.

The slides and attractions are like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

The workers and some sorcerers manage to keep the lines under control, ensuring that wait times don’t become a bore.

And don’t even get me started on the slides! All of them, and I mean all, take off from the same launch point, which helps keep everyone moving along smoothly.

Aphrodite Water Park is the perfect way to chill out and cool off during those hot summer days.

With thrilling rides like the pirate ship, kiddie slides, and wet bubbles, this place is a blast for kids and children of all ages (and adults, too, let’s be honest).

Plus, the cleanliness and quality maintenance will have you returning for more aquatic adventures all season!

With sunbeds sprinkled throughout, a unique children’s area, and always-courteous park staff, you’re guaranteed a day of fun in the sun.

And the best part? Free WIFI for guests and perfectly polished dressing and locker rooms. If you need a locker to stash your stuff, it’ll cost you a bit extra, but with so many lifeguards, you’ll never have to worry about your safety.

Dive into Adventure

Spread over a vast area of 35,000 square meters, Aphrodite Water Park boasts a wide variety of pools, slides, and facilities that will keep you entertained all day. 

As you enter, you’ll be equipped with unique bracelets that unlock various experiences throughout the park. 

Children aged 3-11 get a red wristband (with access restrictions to some slides), while those 12 and above receive a blue wristband.

The Slide Roster

Let’s dive into some of the thrilling attractions at the park:

Free Fall

Feel the adrenaline rush on this steep 50-foot slide, reaching speeds of over 40 mph in seconds.

Strictly for the brave hearts aged 12 and up.


Adjacent to the Free Fall, this slide offers another thrilling experience for those aged 12 and above.


A long, winding slide suitable for kids and adults, with a height limit of 120 cm.

Super Volcano

Climb the high volcano with a steep slide at the top, perfect for children and adults alike.

Wet Bubble

Bounce and slide on this vast, slippery bubble in the middle of the pool, next to the volcano—height limit: 120 cm.

Crazy Cone

Enjoy a thrilling ride on this closed, curved tube slide with large stirrers inside.

Not for the claustrophobic, with a height limit of 120 cm.

Wave Pool

Experience one of Europe’s largest wave pools, transforming into a sea with artificial waves every hour.

Suitable for all ages.

Cannon Drop

Get launched at high speed into the vast wave pool on this cannon slide for ages 12 and up.

Nautilus Screw

Enjoy a moderate-speed spiral slide next to the wave pool, which is suitable for kids and adults and has a height limit of 120 cm.


Blast on this fun, medium-high-speed, twisted, partly closed slide, suitable for everyone.

Wild Water

Surf while sitting on single or double tubes on this comprehensive, winding slide—height limit: 120 cm.

Aqua Infinity

Experience total darkness, steep descents, and lighting effects on this closed, winding slide for ages 12 and up.

The Raging River

Tubing in a flowing river is suitable for all ages, with the option of choosing a single or double tube.

Cross Over

Challenge yourself on rope ladders passing over a pool with floating surfaces suitable for children and adults.

Little Ones’ Paradise

Aphrodite Water Park also offers a range of facilities for children under five years old, including:

  • Kids Pool: A large pool that doubles as a play area with a pirate ship, mini slides, mini jumping bubbles, splash pads, and play swings.
  • Lazy River: A slow-paced river perfect for tubing with small children, as there are no height or age restrictions.
  • Family Rafting: Surf in wide tubes together or separately, without height or age restrictions.

Additional Amenities

Apart from the thrilling rides and pools, the park provides:

  • Free parking, Wi-Fi, and sunbeds
  • Souvenir shop and pool accessories
  • Restaurants and food stalls
  • Changing rooms and stations
  • Lockers for rent
  • First aid room
  • Photo services

Trust me, as a local in Paphos, this is the water park to visit!

Book your tickets with the green buttons below –

While booking online on their official website will bring you a 20% discount, buy in Viator, you can cancel it 24 hours before:

Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark
Aphrodite Water Park Summary
LocationYeroskipou, Paphos District, Cyprus
Size35,000 square meters
Main Attractions
  • Free Fall
  • Kamikaze
  • Adventure Slide
  • Super Volcano
  • Wave Pool
  • Lazy River
  • Family Rafting
Special Bracelets
  • Red: Ages 3-11
  • Blue: Ages 12 and up
Facilities for Children
  • Kids Pool
  • Mini Slides
  • Mini Jumping Bubble
  • Splash Pads
  • Play Swings
Additional Amenities
  • Free Parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Souvenir Shop
  • Restaurants and Food Stalls
  • Changing Rooms and Stations
  • Lockers for Rent
  • First Aid Room
  • Photo Services

To reach Aphrodite Waterpark, you can take bus Line 611, which connects the hotels along the boardwalk with the water park.

Moreover, this bus also advanced to the central station near the boardwalk and the archeological entrance.

Before reaching the promenade, you can hop onto Line 631, which has multiple stops, including the “Rock of Aphrodite” beach, the water park, and the casino.

I also recommend you check the option of a shuttle from the water park’s website.

You can also get there by taxi or by renting a car.

You can visit the incredible Aphrodite waterpark for just €33 per adult and €19 per child (under 12 years old). What’s more, little ones under 3 can enjoy all the fun for free!

Absolutely! The Paphos waterpark is open in October. Here are the opening hours:
April – June: 10:30 AM – 5:30 PM
July – August: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
September – October: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

The water at Aphrodite Water Park is not heated.

Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark proudly holds the top spot in Cyprus, ranks 3rd in Europe, and is recognized as the 5th best waterpark in the world. Additionally, it is ranked 1st in Cyprus, 12th in Europe, and 20th in the world for the Amusement Parks category.

Yes, Paphos has a waterpark, the Aphrodite Water Park.

Yes, Aphrodite Water Park rents lockers for 5 euros per locker.

Outside food is not allowed in Aphrodite Water Park, but it has restaurants and food stalls.



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