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Buses in Paphos: The Comprehensive Guide

Paphos, Cyprus, is a popular tourist destination, and the city offers various transportation options for tourists, including buses.

In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about buses in Paphos. We’ll cover the different types of buses available, how to pay for tickets and fares, routes and schedules, safety considerations, and more.

Paphos Transport Organization (OSYPA)

The Paphos Transport Organization operates a network of buses in the Paphos region.

These buses serve residents and tourists and provide transportation within the city and to nearby attractions.

Our trusty bus service rolls through our charming district every single day.

No need to stress about ticket prices or schedules – hop online, swing by the tourist info spots, or hit up one of our handy main bus stations.

We’ve got them in Paphos town, Kato Paphos, and Polis. Catch you on the local transit wave! 🚌🌄

You can spot them easily while visiting the city thanks to their blue-looking color.

Buses in Paphos: The Comprehensive Guide

Bus Tickets and Fares

Tickets can be purchased by the bus driver, making it easy for tourists.

The fare is paid in cash, and the driver can give you a change, but it’s best to have less than 20 euros.

You can buy a single ticket for 2 euros (3 euros during the night) or a 24-hour ticket for 6.50 euros.

Here’s the travel cost for the buses in Paphos:

Passenger TypePrice per Trip (Until 21:00)Price per Trip (After 21:00)
Adult2 euros3 euros
Daily Ticket (Adult)6.50 euros6.50 euros
Weekly Personalized Ticket (Adult)25 euros25 euros
Child (Up to 5 years old)FreeFree
Children (6 to 12 years old), Students, Holders of European Youth Card, Pupils from 13-18, and Owners of Cypriot Social Card.50% discount on ticket prices50% discount on ticket prices

City Buses

Paphos has a regular city bus service that connects different parts of the city.

While these are not specifically tourist buses, visitors can use them to get around town.

You can check the routes and schedules at the Paphos Transport Organization’s website or the main bus stations.

Here are some of the main buses in Paphos that most of the tourists are using during their stay:


Route 615Harbour (main station), Ap. Pavlou Av., Tombs of the Kings Av., Chloraka to Kissonerga Coastal Road, Coral Bay Av., Coral Bay
From Harbour (Mon-Fri)6:20, 6:30, 7:30, 8:00 – 12:10 (every 10 minutes), 12:25 – 13:55 (every 15 minutes), 14:10 – 16:40 (every 10 minutes), 16:55, 17:10, 17:25, 17:35, 17:50
From Harbour (Jul-Aug, Sat, Sun, School holidays)6:20, 6:30, 7:30, 8:00 – 11:50 (every 10 minutes), 12:05, 12:20, 12:30, 12:40, 12:55, 13:10 – 16:20 (every 10 minutes), 16:35 – 17:20 (every 15 minutes), 17:40
From Coral Bay (Mon-Fri)7:00, 8:05, 8:35 – 9:25 (every 10 minutes), 9:40 – 13:00 (every 10 minutes), 13:15 – 14:15 (every 15 minutes), 14:35, 14:50 – 17:30 (every 10 minutes), 17:45, 18:00, 18:10, 18:25
From Coral Bay (Jul-Aug, Sat, Sun, School holidays)7:00, 7:25, 8:05, 8:35, 8:45, 8:55, 9:05, 9:20 – 12:40 (every 10 minutes), 12:55, 13:10, 13:20, 13:30, 13:45, 14:00 – 17:00 (every 10 minutes), 17:15, 17:30, 17:45, 18:00, 18:20
Night Routes (Apr-Nov)From Harbour: 18:00 – 00:00 (every 15 minutes), 00:30 From Coral Bay: 18:35 – 00:35 (every 15 minutes), 01:05
Night Routes (Dec-Mar)From Harbour: 18:00 – 23:15 (every 35 minutes). From Coral Bay: 18:35 – 23:50 (every 35 minutes)


Route 611Geroskipou Beach (Waterpark), Poseidonos Av., Danaes Av., Poseidonos, Artemidos, Ledas, Harbour (Main Station)
From Harbour (Mon-Fri)6:25, 6:50, 7:20, 7:50, 8:05 – 10:35 (every 10 minutes), 10:50, 11:05, 11:20, 11:35, 11:50, 12:15, 12:25, 12:35, 12:45, 13:00, 13:20, 13:35, 13:50, 14:05 – 16:55 (every 10 minutes), 17:10, 17:25, 17:40, 17:55
From Harbour (Jun-Aug, Sat, Sun, School holidays)6:25, 6:50, 7:20, 7:50, 8:05 – 10:45 (every 10 minutes), 11:00 – 14:20 (every 10-15 minutes), 14:35 – 16:45 (every 10 minutes), 17:00, 17:15, 17:30, 17:50
From Geroskipou Beach (Mon-Fri)6:40, 7:05, 7:35, 8:05, 8:20 – 11:35 (every 10-15 minutes), 11:55, 12:15, 12:30, 12:45, 12:55, 13:05 – 14:05 (every 15 minutes), 14:20 – 17:10 (every 10 minutes), 17:25 – 18:10 (every 15 minutes)
From Geroskipou Beach (Jun-Aug, Sat, Sun, School holidays)6:40, 7:05, 7:35, 8:00, 8:20 – 12:55 (every 10-15 minutes), 13:15, 13:30, 13:45, 13:55,14:10, 14:25,14:35, 14:50, 15:05 – 16:05 (every 10 minutes), 16:10 – 16:50 (every 10 minutes),17:05, 17:20, 17:30, 17:45, 18:05
Night Routes (Apr-Nov)From Harbour: 18:05 – 01:05 (every 20 minutes). From Geroskipou Municipal Beach: 18:25 – 01:05 (every 20 minutes), 01:20
Night Routes (Dec-Mar)From Harbour: 18:05 – 20:35 (every 30 minutes), 21:50 – 00:20 (every 30 minutes). From Geroskipou Municipal Beach: 18:20 – 20:50 (every 30 minutes), 22:05 – 00:35 (every 30 minutes)


Route 631Harbour (Main Station), Ledas, Alkminis, Poseidonos Av., Danaes Av., Aphrodite’s Av., Spyrou Kyprianou Av., Gianni Kontou, Ippokratous, Makariou Av., Paphos-Limassol old Road, Kouklia Archeological Site, Petra tou Romiou
From April-NovemberFrom Harbour (Mon-Sat): 07:25, 09:10, 10:40, 14:10, 14:20, 15:40, 16:00, 17:30, 18:40, 22:30
 From Harbour (Sun + Public Holidays): 06:30, 09:10, 10:40, 14:10, 14:20, 15:40, 16:00, 17:30, 18:40, 22:30
 From Petra tou Romiou (Mon-Sun): 08:15, 10:05, 11:35, 15:05, 15:15, 16:35, 16:55, 18:20, 19:30, 23:15 (last bus)
From December-MarchFrom Harbour (Mon-Sat): 07:25, 09:10, 10:40, 14:10, 16:00, 18:40, 22:30
 From Harbour (Sun + Public Holidays): 06:30, 09:10, 10:40, 14:10, 16:00, 18:40, 22:30
 From Petra tou Romiou (Mon-Sun): 08:15, 10:05, 11:35, 15:05, 16:55, 19:30, 23:15 (last bus, then waits at Aphrodite Hills Hotel until 00:00 before departing from the harbour)

Please note that the schedule may vary depending on the month and whether it’s a weekday, weekend, or holiday. Additionally, the last bus from Petra tou Romiou has a unique departure time due to the wait at Aphrodite Hills Hotel before heading to the harbour.


Route 610Municipal market, Fellachoglou, Leontiou, Thermopylon, Nikodemou Mylona, Ap. Pavlou, Agapinoros, Ag. Anargyron Av., Ap. Pavlou, Harbour (Main Station)
From Municipal MarketMonday – Friday (Sep-May): 06:15, 06:35, 07:05, 07:35, 08:05 – 13:05 (every 15 minutes), 13:35, 14:05, 14:35 – 16:50 (every 15 minutes), 17:20 – 23:20 (every 30 minutes)
 Monday – Friday (Jun-Aug, Sat, Sun, School holidays): 06:15, 06:35, 07:05, 07:35, 08:05 – 14:20 (every 15 minutes), 14:40 – 16:20 (every 20 minutes), 16:50 – 23:20 (every 30 minutes)
From HarbourMonday – Friday (Sep-May): 06:25, 06:50, 07:20, 08:05 – 13:20 (every 15 minutes), 13:50, 14:20 – 16:35 (every 15 minutes), 17:05 – 23:35 (every 30 minutes)
 Monday – Friday (Jun-Aug, Sat, Sun, School holidays): 06:25, 06:50, 07:20, 08:05 – 14:20 (every 15 minutes), 14:40 – 16:20 (every 20 minutes), 16:35 – 23:35 (every 30 minutes)


Route 618Temporarily Kennedy Square (Karavella), Evagora Pallikaride, Gladstonos, Apostolou Pavlou Avenue, Harbour (main station)
From HarbourMonday – Sunday: 07:45, 08:15 – 11:15 (Every 15 minutes), 12:00, 12:30, 12:45, 13:00, 13:15, 13:45, 14:15 – 16:15 (Every 15 minutes), 16:45 – 19:45 (Every 30 minutes), 20:30, 21:15 – 00:45 (Every 30 minutes)
From Kennedy Square(Karavella)Monday – Sunday: 06:15, 07:30, 08:00, 08:30 – 11:15 (Every 15 minutes), 12:15, 12:30, 12:45, 13:00, 13:30, 14:00 – 16:00 (Every 15 minutes), 16:30 – 20:00 (Every 30 minutes), 20:45, 21:30 – 00:30 (Every 30 minutes)

Airport Buses

Here are the main buses to and from Paphos Airport:


Route 612Tombs of the Kings bus station (opposite McDonald), Kings Avenue Mall, Spyrou Kyprianou / Agion Anargyron, Agapinoros Street (6th primary school), Ikarou Street (post office), Iasonos Street, Almyra hotel, Poseidonos Avenue, Geroskipou, Koloni, Achelia, Timi, Pafos Airport
From Tombs of the KingsMonday – Sunday: 6:50, 8:10, 9:30, 10:40, 11:50, 13:10, 14:10, 15:00, 16:20, 17:40, 19:00, 19:40, 20:40, 21:40, 23:00, 24:20
From AirportMonday – Sunday: 07:30, 08:50, 10:10, 11:20, 12:30, 13:50, 14:50, 15:40, 17:00, 18:20, 19:40, 20:20, 21:20, 22:20, 23:40, 01:00


Route 613Karavela Station, Andrea Tselepou, Evagora Palikaride (Kenedy Square), Griva Digeni, Athinon Avenue, Archiepiskopou Makariou C’ (Geroskipou), Koloni, Acheleia, Timi, Pafos Airport.
From KaravelaMonday to Sunday: 05:20, 07.25, 09:30, 11:00, 13:00, 16:00, 18.30
From Pafos Airport

Monday to Sunday: 5:00, 08:00, 10:00, 11:30, 13:30, 16:30, 19:00

Please notice that the schedule and routes for all the buses in this guide can be changed throughout the week and do not vary by month or holiday.

So, it’s always good to double-check the official Paphos Buses website to ensure there are no changes in the bus you need.

Save time & money and book attractions & tours now:

Airport Transfer

The Paphos International Airport is located a short distance from the city center, around 25-30 minutes, and there are usually buses or private transfer services (taxis) available to transport tourists between the airport and various hotels and accommodations in Paphos.

Read more on my guide about airport shuttles and taxis in Paphos.

Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus

Yes, now Paphos offers hop-on, hop-off bus tours – just like all the big cities in the world, such as New York, London, or Paris!

These tours allow tourists to explore the city at their own pace.

You can get off the bus at designated stops and visit attractions and landmarks.

Read more about the Hop-on and Hop-off bus in Paphos right here.

Pafos Sightseeing Tour: Hop On Hop Off Paphos Bus

Excursion Buses

Paphos is surrounded by beautiful countryside and historical sites. Various tour companies offer excursion buses that take tourists on day trips to places like the Akamas Peninsula, Troodos Mountains, and other nearby destinations.

It’s a great way to explore the area without worrying about driving, navigation, or buses.

Remember to check out my recommendations on my website about the best day tours from Paphos!

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Is public transport good in Paphos?

Yes, public transport is good in Paphos. The Paphos Transport Organization operates a bus network serving residents and tourists.

You can find routes, schedules, and fares on their website or at the main bus stations.

Is it safe to travel by bus to Paphos?

Yes, traveling by bus in Paphos is safe. The Paphos Transport Organization follows all safety protocols and takes measures to ensure the safety of its passengers.

How much are Paphos buses?

The bus fare for Paphos buses is 2 euros per single ticket (or 3 euros by night) or 6.50 euros for a 24-hour ticket.

You can purchase tickets from the driver when you board the bus and pay in cash.

Can you pay by card on the Paphos bus?

Currently, you cannot pay by card on the Paphos bus. 

You must pay in cash for your ticket when boarding the bus.

Where can I catch a bus in Paphos?

You can catch a bus in Paphos at the main bus stations in the city center (Paphos Town), Kato Paphos, and Polis. 

You can also check the routes and schedules on the Paphos Transport Organization’s website.

Are there any tourist buses?

Yes, hop-on, hop-off tourist buses allow you to explore the city and its attractions at your own pace.

Excursion buses also take tourists on day trips to nearby destinations such as the Akamas Peninsula and Troodos Mountains.

Is it easy to get around Cyprus without a car?

Yes, it is pretty simple to get around Cyprus without a car. The country has an extensive transportation network with buses, trains, and taxis available in all major cities.

But honestly, I think it’s better to rent a car while in Cyprus. It’s the best way to explore the country and all its hidden gems.

Sometimes, taking the buses can be challenging because of the heat and the city’s shape, which does not make life easier.

However, Public transportation in Paphos is reliable, safe, and efficient, and this comprehensive guide will help you navigate it easily!

When visiting the vibrant city of Paphos, riding on the local buses is a great way to experience the history and culture of Cyprus while getting around.

How often do buses run in Paphos?

Buses in Paphos run from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m., usually every 10-30 minutes throughout the day.

Each route runs at different times of the day, so it is best to check the Paphos Transport Organization’s website or the main bus stations for specific schedules and routes.

How often is the 615 bus Paphos?

The 615 buses are like clockwork, zooming by every 10-15 minutes from the crack of dawn at 06:00 till midnight.

If you’re pondering when to embark from the picturesque Kato Paphos harbor or dash from scenic Coral Bay, take a look at our timetable below.

Is there a bus service from Paphos to the airport?

Bus 612, the 24/7 marvel, zips you from the airport to Paphos Harbor like a round-the-clock superstar.

But wait, there’s more! Bus 613 does a nifty dance between the airport and Paphos city center.

Now, if you’re wrangling kiddos or lugging around more bags than a celebrity at the Oscars, a private ride to the city might be your red carpet-choice. 🚌🌟

For more information, please check the “Airport Buses” section above in this guide or visit my guide about how to get to Paphos.

In conclusion

Remember to check the latest information on bus routes and schedules on the official website of OSYPA when planning your trip to Paphos, as these details may change over time.

Whether you’re looking for a convenient way to explore the city or an exciting day trip, take advantage of the public transportation system in Paphos and discover all there is to see.

If you want to rent a car (which I think is better than taking the bus because of the heat and the city’s up-and-down shape), check out my guide about car rental in Paphos.

Happy exploring! 🚌🌅👍🏼

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