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Parking in Paphos: Your Ultimate Guide

Navigating the charming streets of Paphos can be an adventure in itself, but finding a parking spot?

That can sometimes feel like a quest worthy of a mythic hero. Fear not, intrepid traveler!

Whether visiting the ancient ruins, relaxing on the sun-kissed beaches, or exploring the vibrant nightlife, this guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to park your chariot – err, car – like a pro. 

From handy apps to simple text solutions, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make your parking experience in Paphos as seamless as possible. 

Buckle up, and let’s dive in!

Parking in Paphos

Ah, Paphos – a picturesque blend of ancient history, stunning beaches, and vibrant culture.

But what about parking in this charming city? Fear not, dear traveler, for I have navigated the labyrinth of parking logistics to bring you this handy guide.

No More Pay Machines!

Gone are the days of fumbling for coins at pay-to-park machines.

Paphos has embraced the digital age, making parking more accessible and streamlined.

Instead of using physical machines, you can now pay through apps or text messages. 

Here’s how to stay on the right side of parking regulations while you explore:

The “Pafos Now” App

The first is the “Pafos Now” app. 

This handy app allows residents to pay for parking with ease. 

Unfortunately, if you’re visiting, you won’t be able to sign up as it’s restricted to residents only. 

But don’t despair – there’s a simple workaround for tourists.

Pay by Text

For non-residents, paying by text is your go-to option. 

When you find a parking spot, text the parking bay number to 9191. It’s quick and easy and ensures you’re covered while exploring the city. 

Ensure you have a local SIM card or roaming plan supporting sending texts in Cyprus.

The “PafosSmartParking” App

Another fantastic tool in your parking arsenal is the “PafosSmartParking” app. 

With a few taps on your phone, this game-changer app lets you find parking spots across Paphos.

Features of “PafosSmartParking”:

  • Interactive Map: The app features a map that shows available parking spots around the city, helping you locate the closest one to your destination.
  • Real-Time Availability: See the capacity of each parking area in real time so you can avoid driving around in circles.
  • Easy Navigation: The app can guide you to your parking spot with turn-by-turn directions.
  • Seamless Payments: Add your payment details and activate your parking with a click. No more searching for loose change or dealing with parking tickets.

Parking Prices in Paphos:

Zone AMain Parking Area off the street1€/2 HoursPervola, Karavella, Municipal Market, Agia Sophia Mosque, Kennedy Square, SODAP Beach, Tombs of the Kings, Apostolou Pavlou Avenue, “Evagoras Palikaridis” Municipal Swimming Pool
Zone BSecondary Parking Space off the street1€/3 HoursLeontiou, Mousallas, Nikou Antoniadi, Apollonos, Salaminos, Dasoudi, China Park, Koubilai
Zone CMain Parking Area off the street1€/0.5 Hours25th of March, Thermopylon, Zinonos, Vladimir Herakleou, Grigori Auxentiou, Nikodimou Mylona, Gladstonos, Nikou Antoniadi, Pafou Chrysanthou, Poseidonos Avenue, Tombs of the Kings Avenue, Apostolou Pavlou, Eleftheriou Venizelou Avenue, G. Griva Digeni Avenue, Municipal Library, Kanari
Zone DSecondary Parking Space off the street1€/1 HourAdonidos, Ipocratous, Pausaniou, Leonidou, Agiou Kendeou, Renou, Galateias, Ledas, Constantias, Ayia Napas, Kikeronos, Klytemneistras, Pafias Aphroditis, Ikarou, Athenas, Mouttalos Square, Mouttalos Caves, Onofriou Cleridi
Zone EFreeFreeLimanaki Kato Pafos, Anapafseos

Note: Parking fees apply from 06:00 to 00:00.

How to park in Paphos using the “Pafos Smart Parking” App:

Finding the Magic Number

Have you ever wondered where to find that elusive 4-digit parking space number? Look no further than right inside the parking area.

It’s displayed prominently, so keep your eyes peeled!

Parking Like a Pro

Think of the dashed box as your vehicle’s parking stage.

Keep your car within those lines; you’ll be the show’s star.

Paying the Piper

Paying for parking is easy.

You can park in any spot, choose your parking time (if needed), and pay using a bank card, an e-wallet, or a monthly subscription.

Simple, right?

Keeping the Traffic Police Happy

Wondering how the Traffic Police know you’ve paid? They check the parking management system directly.

You can relax if you’ve done everything correctly – no further action is needed.

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Quick Tips for Parking in Paphos

  1. Plan: Use the apps to check for available parking before leaving.
  2. Local SIM Card: If you’re planning an extended stay, consider getting a local SIM card to make texting and app usage more convenient.
  3. Stay Updated: Parking rules can change, so monitor any updates to the parking system.

With these tips and tools, parking in Paphos should be a breeze.

Enjoy your visit to this beautiful city, and may your parking experience be as smooth as the Mediterranean waves lapping at the Paphos shores.

Is Parking Easy in Paphos?

Ah, the million-dollar question: Is parking in Paphos a walk in the park? Well, like many things in life, it depends. Here’s the lowdown:

The Good News

  1. Digital Convenience: With the advent of parking apps like “Paphos Now” and “PafosSmartParking,” finding and paying for parking has never been more accessible. These apps streamline the process, allowing you to locate spots and pay with just a few taps on your phone.

  2. Plenty of Options: Paphos offers a variety of parking options, from street parking to dedicated parking lots. You can often find spots in less crowded areas without much hassle.

  3. Tourist-Friendly: Major tourist attractions usually have ample parking facilities, and the digital tools make it straightforward for visitors to manage their parking needs.

The Challenges

  1. Peak Season Crowds: Finding parking can be more challenging during the high tourist season, especially in the summer months. Popular spots can fill up quickly, so it’s wise to plan.

  2. Resident-Only Features: Some parking conveniences, like the “Paphos Now” app, are restricted to residents. This means visitors must use alternative methods, such as paying by text, which might be less convenient for some.

  3. City Center Hustle: Parking in the bustling city center can be tricky due to limited spaces and higher demand. Be prepared to spend more time searching for a spot during busy hours.

Tips for Easy Parking

  1. Use Parking Apps: Leverage the “PafosSmartParking” app to find and navigate available spots.
  2. Text for Parking: If you’re a visitor, remember that you can pay for parking by texting the parking bay number to 9191.
  3. Plan: Check parking availability in advance, especially if heading to popular attractions or the city center during peak times.
  4. Consider Off-Peak Hours: Visit popular sites during off-peak hours to increase your chances of finding easy parking.
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How to Pay for Parking in Paphos?

Paying for parking in Paphos has evolved into a modern, hassle-free process thanks to digital solutions. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to pay for parking in this charming city:

1. Using the “Paphos Now” App

For residents of Paphos, the “Paphos Now” app is a convenient way to manage parking payments. Here’s how you can use it:

  1. Download the App: Available on both iOS and Android platforms, download the “Paphos Now” app from your respective app store.
  2. Sign Up: Register using your details. Note that this app is only available for residents.
  3. Select Parking Bay: Use the app to find and select your parking bay.
  4. Make Payment: Enter your payment details and pay directly through the app. It’s a seamless process that saves time and effort.

2. Pay by Text (For Non-Residents)

If you’re visiting Paphos, paying by text is the way to go:

  1. Find Your Parking Bay Number: When you park your car, note the parking bay number.
  2. Send a Text: Text the parking bay number to 9191. Ensure your mobile phone can send texts in Cyprus (a local SIM card or roaming plan might be needed).
  3. Confirmation: You will receive a confirmation message once your payment is processed.

3. Using the “PafosSmartParking” App

Another excellent option for both residents and visitors is the “PafosSmartParking” app. This app not only helps you find parking but also makes payment easy:

  1. Download the App: Available on both iOS and Android, download “PafosSmartParking” from your app store.
  2. Sign Up: Register and add your payment details.
  3. Find Parking: Use the interactive map to locate available parking spots.
  4. Activate Parking: Select and activate your parking spot with a single click. Your payment will be processed automatically.

Quick Tips

  • Check Availability: Use the “PafosSmartParking” app to check real-time availability before leaving.
  • Payment Methods: Ensure you have a valid credit/debit card linked to the apps for smooth transactions.
  • Stay Updated: Parking regulations can change, so keep an eye on any updates from the municipality.

By following these steps, paying for parking in Paphos becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on enjoying your visit to this beautiful city.

Is Paphos Harbour Car Park Free?

No, the Paphos Harbour car park is not free. You need to pay to park there.

Payments can be made via the “Paphos Now” app, by texting the parking bay number to 9191, or by using the “PafosSmartParking” app.

However, you can park free in the harbor in the small parking area where the hop-on-hop-off bus is parked. It’s a tiny place, so you may need luck finding a parking spot while visiting.

Free Parking in Paphos

Finding free parking in Paphos can be like discovering hidden treasures. 

For instance, Muse in the old city offers free parking, but only if you patronize their delightful restaurant. 

Kings Avenue Mall is another gem, providing ample free parking while you shop till you drop. 

There is a convenient free parking area near the Church of Panagia Theoskepasti, just a stone’s throw from the bustling bar street and the scenic harbor.

Enjoy the convenience and explore Paphos without worrying about parking fees!


Navigating the parking scene in Paphos doesn’t have to be a Herculean task.

With handy apps like “Paphos Now” and “PafosSmartParking,” alongside the option to pay by text, managing your parking is a breeze.

While free parking gems like those at Muse, Kings Avenue Mall, and near the Church of Panagia Theoskepasti offer added convenience, the city’s digital solutions ensure you can explore without stress.

Plan, stay informed, and enjoy your time in Paphos, knowing your parking is sorted. Safe travels and happy parking!

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