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Car Insurance in Paphos

Are you planning a trip to Paphos soon with a car rental? It’s an exciting prospect that can be made even better with the peace of mind from car insurance.

Choosing the right car insurance in Paphos may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be!

In this blog post, we’ll look at the various types of vehicle covers available in the city and some tips for getting the best deal.

Let’s dive into what you should consider when looking for your perfect policy.

I recommend expanding the basic Insurance with one of the options explained below (cancellation of self-cancellation or self-insurance reimbursement) and, of course, understanding and reading the policy terms and the coverages in all that appears therein.

All options are provided that you have met the terms of the rental agreement and can vary from company to company, so it is essential to check each case individually.

And most importantly, drive carefully!

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Car Insurance in Paphos

Car insurance abroad – the different plans

Accident insurance (CDW- Collision Damage Waiver / LDW- Loss Damage Waiver)

Basic coverage usually appears by default when taking the car.

This Insurance is intended to cover damage to the rented vehicle. In some places, the renter may be charged a deductible, which may be refunded if it is proven that the damage was caused by a third party and not the renter’s fault.

Please note, usually, this coverage does not include damage to the undercarriage, windshields, critical loss, mirrors, tires, etc.

It is important to remember: any theft or damage must be reported immediately, both to the local police and the rental company.

Third-Party Liability Protection (TPL)

The policy covers Insurance that covers injuries and property damage. Usually, this coverage appears as part of CDW accident insurance.

Theft insurance (TP – Theft Protection / TW – Theft Waiver)

Insurance that covers theft of the rented vehicle or parts of it will usually charge a deductible that will apply to the renter in any case of theft, regardless of whether the renter was guilty.

Usually, this Insurance comes as default insurance when taking the car.

Please note that the Insurance does not include theft of personal equipment from the vehicle.

It is important to remember: any theft or damage must be reported immediately, both to the local police and the rental company.

Deductible cancellation (Excess / SCDW – Super Collision Damage Waiver)

This Insurance is designed to eliminate the subject of deductibles if necessary.

It’s usually more expensive Insurance (sometimes it comes to the same price as the total rental price).

Still, even so, it’s worth checking the issue and seeing if it’s worth it, especially in a country like Cyprus, where driving is on the left.

The deductible cancellation insurance can only be done in the company where you rent the car and not through external companies (any company that offers you a deductible cancellation and is not the company that rents the car to you means a deductible refund type insurance, as explained below).

If you purchase this Insurance, you will usually not have to undergo a special inspection when returning the vehicle.

You will not have to leave a deposit (or you will have to leave only a symbolic amount) when picking up the vehicle. The disadvantage, as already mentioned, is the high price.
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Deductible refund

Please note that this is a refund and not a cancellation.

Usually, this Insurance is provided by an external insurance company such as RentalCover or any other insurance company.

If necessary, you will pay the deductible, and you can sue the insurance company for a refund. The process usually takes time and involves a lot of paperwork, but it will be significantly cheaper than deductible cancellation insurance at the rental company.

Where do you get deductible Insurance?

Rental Cover is one of the companies I use to provide this type of Insurance.

In the company, you can get an offer for deductible Insurance. In the event of an accident, Rental Cover will pay the cost of the deductible and the damages you experienced.

The advantage of such Insurance is in terms of the small cost and the extended coverage in it (usually); the disadvantage is that if necessary, you will have to pay the cost of the damage to the rental company and then sue the insurance company for reimbursement-

For example, if we take the RentalCover company if necessary after you have paid the cost of the damage to the rental company, send them the required documents (vehicle license, rental agreement, damage report including details and cost, payment invoice, and photocopy/printout of your bill, which will confirm that you have paid the amount) and after checking they will approve the complete refund to your account (subject to the policy conditions).

Additional highlights regarding rental car insurance

If you decide to settle for basic Insurance, keep in mind that, if necessary, a deductible usually ranges between 800-1500 euros.

Also, remember that the rental company will “lock” you a credit limit at the deductible amount to insure itself in case the deductible is needed.

If you cancel the deductible here, the rental company will usually “lock” a certain amount for you.

Still, usually, it will be a small amount of about 200-250 euros, and this is to make sure that you returned the car and that it is adequately fueled.

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In conclusion

Suppose you decide to rent a car in Cyprus and abroad. In that case, it is essential to be informed about rental companies’ policies and offers as they vary significantly from company to company.

It is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the options available and purchase the right Insurance package for your needs and budget.

Additionally, it is essential to remember that your personal car insurance and credit card insurance will most likely not cover the rental car.

Therefore, ensuring an adequate Insurance package covers you is essential; otherwise, you may risk a significant financial loss if an accident occurs.

Finally, do not forget to read the Insurance terms and conditions before signing any contract.

This way, you can ensure your rental car is adequately insured against potential damage or loss.

Good luck with your upcoming trip!

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