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Phone, Internet Services & Communications in Paphos

Your phone and internet services must be considered when planning a trip abroad.

Whether you want to stay connected with family at home or map out the best attractions throughout Paphos, having access to reliable technology is essential for any wanderlust traveler.

In this blog post, we’ll cover all the details regarding communications, phone, and internet services in Paphos so you can make the most of enjoying the views during your vacation in paradise!

Phone, Internet Services & Communications in Paphos

Phones in Paphos

The use of mobile devices is widespread in Paphos and throughout Cyprus, so you will have no problem using your device.

I recommend you check the roaming rates with your mobile provider before the flight.

Cyprus has many providers, such as Cyta and PrimeTel, so you won’t have problems finding one.

You can read more about the providers here.

Sim and eSim

Alternatively, you can consider using a local SIM card, which costs around €20 here.

Or, you can use an eSim which is a virtual sim card. It is easy to install, and you don’t need any physical SIM cards to use it.

I use the Airalo app when traveling, which is very convenient and cost-effective.

They offer eSim packages to Cyprus, and if you enter my coupon code, MATAN5401, you will get 3 USD off!

Dialling Code

The country code of Cyprus is 357, so if you want to call from your country to Paphos, you must add two zeros before, i.e., 00357.

This also applies to calls from Paphos – if, for example, you want to call Greece (30), you must dial 0030.

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Internet Services in Paphos

The internet connection quality in Paphos is generally good, with 3G and 4G coverage available throughout the city.

WiFi networks

WiFi is widely available in Paphos, with many restaurants and cafes offering free access.

Many hotels also offer WiFi services for their guests – some without passwords and some asking for passwords, so don’t forget to ask for your password during check-in!

Public hotspots are also available throughout the city, so you won’t have problems finding one.

Around Paphos, you can also find phone centers with fast internet connections, so if you need to check your emails or research online, these are good options.


You can also find payphones throughout the city.

They are handy if you need to contact someone quickly and don’t have a local SIM card or an internet connection.

You need a card-phone card to use them, which you can purchase at supermarkets, kiosks, and post offices.

They are inexpensive and usually cost around €1.60 for five minutes of talk time.

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Mail & Post Office

All mailboxes in Cyprus are painted yellow, but if you want to send a letter, you can also do so through the reception desk in most self-respecting hotels in Paphos. 

Post offices in Paphos are open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Radio and Television

Most TV channels and radio stations in Paphos and Cyprus broadcast in Greek.

The state-owned Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CYBC) broadcasts a daily newscast in English at 1:30 p.m.

On Radio 2 (FM 91.1), the British Forces Broadcasting Authority (BFB) has a station in English, broadcasting 24 hours a day on 89.7FM, while station BFBS2 broadcasts on 89.9FM.

The Cyprus Broadcasting Authority also has news in English at 21:10 on Channel 2 television (Channel 2).

In most hotels, you will enjoy many channels in many languages, including from the country you arrived from.

Newspaper and News

The leading newspapers in Cyprus and Paphos in English are the “Cyprus Mail” and the weekly “Cyprus Weekly,” which comes out on Fridays.

Also, British newspapers and others from around Europe can be found the day after their release throughout the kiosks and supermarkets in Paphos.

Useful & Emergency Numbers

Police, Ambulance, Fire Service: 112 or 199.

Forest fires: 1407.

Paphos Hospital: +357 26 803 100.

Paphos Airport: +357-77-778833


Overall, Paphos has many options regarding phones and internet services.

Before your trip, research the roaming rates with your mobile provider and check out eSim options like Airalo.

Once there, you can find WiFi at many cafes, restaurants, hotels, and public hotspots throughout the city.

Additionally, payphones are a great option if you need to contact someone quickly without an internet connection or local SIM card!

I hope this blog post has given you all the information you need regarding phones and internet services in Paphos.

Happy travels!

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