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Accessibility in Paphos

Are you a wheelchair user or someone with mobility needs looking to explore the ancient city of Paphos and its surrounding area?

Then you need to know what accessibility features are available and how they may affect your experience.

Fortunately, there is an increasing focus on accommodating travelers with mobility issues in Paphos, making accessing all the beautiful attractions this ancient city offers more accessible.

Explore with us as we look at the best ways to get around and make your trip even more memorable!

Accessibility in Paphos

Paphos airport

I want to let you know that Larnaca and Pafos International Airports have your back.

I’m talking about our disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility (PRM) crew – we haven’t forgotten about you here in Paphos.

They got all the fancy facilities like accessible washrooms, charging stations for electric wheelchairs at departure gates, ramps to let you enter or exit buses in style, and additional assistive services to make life smoother.

For more information about the accessibility in the airports, please click here.

Hotels and resorts

The hotels in Paphos are also equipped with all the amenities to make it comfortable for persons with disabilities.

Most have wide doorways and spacious rooms, accessible showers, lifts, ramps, and even pool access areas suitable for wheelchairs.

The best part is that they offer many additional services, such as transfers to and from the airports, complimentary breakfasts for guests with disabilities, and even special meals catered to your dietary needs.

But still, before booking Accommodation in Paphos, please make sure to call ahead and ask about the availability of these facilities in advance.

Public transportation

The public transportation system in Paphos is usually buses and taxis.

I recommend you let the bus company know in advance, and they will set you up with some sweet transportation options. Of course, we’re talking about special buses equipped with low-gradient ramps.

Plus, they’ve got safety belts and air conditioning to keep you comfy and cool.

And if taxis are more your speed, Paphos got you covered too. There are special taxis that can even accommodate a person seated in a wheelchair – talk about rolling with the most fantastic crew in town!

Also quite accessible, with a fleet of buses that are wheelchair friendly and equipped with ramps for easy access.

They offer discounted rates for disabled persons as well.

Read more on my guide about how to get around in Paphos.

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Accessible Hotels in Paphos

Are you looking for the best accessible hotels in Paphos? Look no further!

Explore my comprehensive guide, “The Best Accessible Hotels in Paphos,” to discover top-rated accommodations catering to your needs.

Whether you’re seeking wheelchair-friendly facilities, accessible rooms, or convenient locations, this guide covers you. 

Restaurants, cafes, pubs

You’ll be pleased to know that almost all the cool kids (a.k.a. new restaurants, cafes, pubs, etc.) have joined the accessibility bandwagon.

But wait, that’s not all!

Even the older establishments have stepped up their game and added some basic facilities for our peeps with disabilities. So whether it’s an entrance ramp to roll on in or an accessible restroom to take care of business, we’ve got you covered.

So enjoy your meal or drink in style because everyone is welcome here!

Going out and shopping in Paphos

We have great news if you’re wondering about getting around Paphos quickly.

Thanks to our flat road surfaces, most pavements in good condition, efficient traffic control, and accessible parking for our peeps with disabilities, you’ll be cruising around town like a pro!

But wait, there’s more. If you want to shop, we’ve got you covered there too.

Most of our malls and shopping centers have parking places, lifts, and ramps for wheelchair users.

And for those who crave historic vibes, we’ve got wide pedestrian streets in the historical city center waiting for you to strut your stuff.

And let’s not forget about those beautiful seafront promenades! They’re loaded with dining places, pubs, cafes, and souvenir shops, and most importantly, they are easily accessible to everybody.

Car rentals and Parking in Paphos

If you’re ready to hit the open road in Paphos, we have some car rental agencies waiting for you at the Larnaca and Paphos airports.

And for our visitors with disabilities, we’ve got your back, too. Just give our car rental agencies a heads-up before arrival, and they’ll make special arrangements for you.

Plus, parking spaces are marked for drivers with disabilities scattered throughout the city and the island.

You’ll find them on our central roads and squares, airports, ports, marinas, public buildings, seafronts, tourist resorts, shopping centers – you name it!

And here’s a bonus: Cyprus recognizes the EU Blue Badge, a VIP access card for persons with disabilities.

This standardized European Community parking permit provides parking entitlements to badge holders in all complying European countries, so you can roll in style wherever you go.

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The Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) is not just about sun, sea, and sand; they’re also committed to upgrading our beautiful beaches to make them accessible to everyone.

And they’re not just talking the talk – CTO is on a mission to make it happen in cooperation with the local authorities responsible for managing the beaches.

So far, they’ve listed 47 beaches for people with special access needs.

That includes 26 fully accessible beaches where you can roll on with ease and 21 partially accessible beaches with some sweet upgrades in place.

But we are here for Paphos beaches. So here are the beaches you can visit when in town:

Fully accessible beaches in Paphos

Check out these nine accessible beaches waiting for you to hit the sand:

  • Vrysoudia A: where you can take our floating wheelchair for a spin!
  • Sodap is another rad spot where you can roll on with our Floating wheelchair.
  • Municipal Baths: Want to take a dip in style? Why not try out our chair lift and floating wheelchair.
  • Geroskipou: Head to Municipal Beach and ride our floating wheelchair in style. Get ready to splash and soak up the sun, beach lovers!

Partially accessible beaches

Faros Beach and Pachyammos in Paphos are partially accessible beaches so you can feel the sand between your toes without hassle.

Want to cool off in the sea? No problem, watch the waves roll in from the comfort of the shore.

And we’ve got hygiene facilities like restrooms, showers, and parking spaces for our peeps with disabilities.

Places of interest in Paphos

Here are some of the sights and landmarks you need to see in Paphos that have accessibility features:

Kato Pafos Archaeological Park

While it’s not fully accessible to wheelchairs, the staff is on hand to give you directions and help you along the way.

And for our visually impaired visitors, we’ve covered you too, with some description signs available in Braille.

Plus, we’ve got some special perks – a marked parking space and special restrooms, so you can comfortably explore.

So put on your Indiana Jones hat and prepare for an adventure through history!

Tombs of the Kings

The ticket area and archaeological site are totally wheelchair accessible – woohoo!

While the view is from above, it’s still a sight.

Archaeological Museum of Pafos District

This museum isn’t only filled with priceless artifacts and has accessibility features like wheelchair-friendly restrooms.

Local Archaeological Museum of Marion-Arsinoe (Polis Chrysochous) 

The museum is fully accessible, and you can travel virtually through time.

Plus, the entrance area has free parking for drivers with disabilities and special restrooms to ensure everyone has a comfortable visit.

More information and contact numbers

For more information about accessible beaches and facilities in Paphos, Please check this great PDF or contact the Cyprus Tourism Organisation at [email protected] or (+357) 22691100.

In conclusion

It seems that for a small island like Cyprus, big things are happening regarding accessibility.

We know the road to complete inclusivity has a long way to go, but hopefully, our commitment and effort will pay off – one roll at a time!

So if you’re ready for fun, Paphos is waiting for you with open arms and plenty of smiles! So get ready to feel the sun and get your sand between your toes. See you soon and enjoy my city!

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