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Kelefos Bridge

Welcome to Kelefos Bridge – the most famous Venetian bridge in Paphos Forest, Cyprus. Don’t believe me? Just ask the couple cycling over it on the UK TV holiday adverts for Cyprus a few years ago! (Disclaimer: They’re actors, but it’s still cool!)

Once you get here, you might notice nothing odd–no cyclists! But don’t fret; you’ll find charm in this picturesque bridge and its idyllic countryside.

Picture this: a charming single-arch medieval Venetian bridge, standing tall and proud amidst the rugged beauty of Cyprus.

It was built during the copper-rich days of yore (1489–1571) when the island’s treasures were exchanged for the finest silk and glistening gold from Egypt.

Now, here’s the fascinating part. The bustling trade routes of the time demanded impeccable pathways for the precious cargo to traverse.

And so, a brilliant idea was born. Dozens of sturdy stone bridges were constructed throughout the mountainous terrain, creating a network of camel trails that linked the remote mines nestled in the Troodos Mountains to the bustling ports of the island.

Kelefos Bridge, my dear friend, was one of these remarkable feats of engineering. It stood as a testament to human ingenuity and the pursuit of prosperous commerce.

With its single arch reaching for the heavens, the bridge served as a vital link in the intricate web of trade that thrived in those adventurous times.

As you stroll upon this ancient marvel, you can almost hear the echoes of camel hooves and the lively chatter of merchants haggling over their precious wares.

The bridge bears witness to a bygone era when copper flowed like molten gold, and the island of Cyprus was a thriving hub of international trade.

So, my curious traveler, if you seek a glimpse into the past and yearn to tread the paths once traversed by merchants and their precious cargoes, venture forth to the Kelefos Bridge.

It is a living testament to the island’s rich history, beckoning you to enter a world where copper, silk, and gold intermingled in a dance of prosperity and enchantment.

As a local, let me give you a tour of the bridge!

First, you can easily reach this lovely, Venetian-style bridge with just a three-minute walk and find a parking lot nearby. Then, when you arrive, take a deep breath and enjoy the serene natural scenery. And trust me, the view is fantastic from there!

At Kelefos Bridge, cleanliness is a top priority, so you can relax on one of the multiple wooden benches and soak up the sun.

Speaking of priorities, don’t forget to snap photos of Cyprus’s most beautiful bridge. Seriously, the structure is stunning!

This spot is perfect for families, but be mindful of the bridge’s height if you have young children who want to cross it.

Kelefos Bridge is a must-visit destination that combines history, natural beauty, and relaxation.

Kelefos Bridge



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