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The Best Day Tours from Paphos by EOS Tours

Welcome to a world of captivating exploration and unforgettable experiences in Cyprus with EOS, the leading tour company in the region.

Nestled on the southwestern coast of this enchanting island, Paphos serves as the perfect gateway to a treasure trove of diverse day tours that promise to leave you breathless, inspired, and enlightened.

From the rugged wilderness of Akamas Peninsula to the historic wonders of Famagusta, the lush vineyards of Troodos to the bustling streets of Nicosia, our carefully curated day tours offer a kaleidoscope of adventures, each designed to immerse you in the beauty, history, and culture of Cyprus.

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Join us on a journey through this guide. Let EOS be your trusted companion as you uncover the best day tours from Paphos, unlocking the hidden gems and vibrant stories that make Cyprus a traveler’s dream destination.

The Best Day Tours from Paphos by EOS Tours

🌍 Why choose EOS Tours?

EOS Tours has been showing visitors the best of Cyprus for years, and they know all the hidden gems that make Paphos a unique and unforgettable destination.

From ancient archaeological sites to picturesque villages and breathtaking landscapes, their tours are a gateway to the heart of this beautiful island.

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Eos Tours’ Day Trips from Paphos

Akamas Highlights and Blue Lagoon Day Tour

Explore the pristine beauty of Akamas Peninsula and its dazzling Blue Lagoon.

This day tour offers a thrilling off-road adventure through Akamas, revealing hidden gems like the Baths of Aphrodite and the Sea Caves, followed by a relaxing swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Blue Lagoon.

This is the most popular and booked day tour from Paphos – DO NOT MISS!

Akamas Highlights and Blue Lagoon Day Tour

Troodos, Venetian Bridge & Millomeris Waterfall Day Tour

 Immerse yourself in Cyprus’s natural wonders on this tour with EOS.

Discover the picturesque Troodos Mountains, visit a charming Venetian Bridge, and be mesmerized by the cascading Millomeris Waterfall while learning about Cyprus’s rich history and culture.

Troodos, Venetian Bridge & Millomeris Waterfall Day Tour

Day Tour to the Ancient City Famagusta

Delve into the history of Famagusta with EOS on this enlightening day tour.

Walk through the ancient city walls, explore the Othello Castle, and witness the hauntingly beautiful ruins of Varosha, offering a unique glimpse into the island’s complex past.

Day Tour to the Ancient City Famagusta

Day Tour to Kourion, Limassol & Lefkara

Unearth the treasures of Kourion’s ancient theater, stroll through the vibrant streets of Limassol, and shop for exquisite handmade lace in Lefkara village.

This cultural excursion promises a day filled with history, tradition, and modern charm.

Day Tour to Kourion, Limassol & Lefkara

Day Tour to Kyrenia & The Green Line

 Cross into the northern part of Cyprus and visit the enchanting harbor town of Kyrenia.

Explore its historic castle, enjoy lunch at a seaside restaurant, and gain insight into the island’s complex political situation at the Green Line.

Day Tour to Kyrenia & The Green Line
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Day Tour to Larnaca & Nicosia (North Cyprus walk-in)

EOS takes you on a unique journey where you can explore both Larnaca’s serene Salt Lake with its flamingos and Nicosia’s divided heart, crossing into the northern part of Cyprus for a guided walk-in tour.

Day Tour to Larnaca & Nicosia (North Cyprus walk-in)

Taste of Cyprus Day Trip From Paphos

Satisfy your culinary cravings on this flavorful day trip.

Experience a traditional Cypriot cooking class, sample local wines, and indulge in a delightful meze lunch while immersing yourself in Cyprus’s gastronomic traditions.

Taste of Cyprus Day Trip From Paphos

Day Trip to Troodos, Kykkos Monastery, and Winery

Discover the spiritual and viticultural heritage of Cyprus:

Visit the awe-inspiring Kykkos Monastery, wander through picturesque Troodos villages, and savor the taste of local wines at a renowned winery.

Day Trip to Troodos, Kykkos Monastery, and Winery

Wine Day Tour from Paphos

Wine enthusiasts, rejoice!

Join a day tour dedicated to Cyprus’s finest vineyards.

Taste various wines, learn about winemaking, and enjoy a delicious lunch amidst scenic vineyard landscapes.

Wine Day Tour from Paphos

In conclusion

Whether you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast, a food lover, or simply seeking a day filled with wonder, Cyprus has something for everyone.

EOS is here to make your journey seamless, informative, and unforgettable.

We invite you to embark on these remarkable day tours, where every step leads to a deeper connection with the essence of Cyprus, its people, and its timeless allure.

And don’t forget my 5% code XWXRBF8N.

Have fun and enjoy Paphos!

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About Me

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